UCare's Ineligible Providers 

Contracted UCare providers must make sure that they, their company, owners, managers, practitioners, employees and contractors are not on the UCare ineligible providers list.

Providers should search the list of ineligible providers on a regular basis, and before hiring or entering into contracts with individuals to provide services or items to UCare members.

UCare Ineligible Providers List *

(Last Updated 4-12-2019)

*Please note: This list is not inclusive of every provider type. In addition, this list is not a substitute for any ineligible provider lists maintained by CMS, DHS or other regulatory entities. 


For any questions regarding the UCare ineligible providers list, contact compliance@ucare.org.

Provider Assistance Center (PAC) Holiday Hours

UCare and the Provider Assistance Center (PAC)  team will be closed, Monday, 05/24/2019, for Memorial Day. We will open up at 8:00 a.m.






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