Provider Manual

UCare's Provider Manual is an extension of your contractual obligations. Checking it regularly for up-to-date information and reference material is required.


UCare's Provider Manual
(updated July 31, 2019)

Information & Resources


The following resources are available to help you work with UCare members:

All Clinics

(Use this form if your member has mobility issues and need special transportation that requires a medically-trained driver.)
MSHO & UCare Connect + Medicare Model of Care Training 
Link to recording
PowerPoints and handouts

Primary Care Clinics

Quarterly Patient Complaint Report (secure form - patient information is safe to include)
At UCare, we work with counties to identify and respond to the health needs of our members. Learn more about UCare and how we can work together to better serve our community.

How to find a member’s UCare Connect, UCare Connect + Medicare, MSHO or MSC+ Care Coordinator

UCare MSHO or MSC+ members, or their legal representatives, should call UCare’s Member Service line at 612-676-3200 or 1-800-203-7225.
County level employees, care coordination delegates or other professionals involved in the member’s care should call UCare’s Case Management Central Intake Line at 612-676-6622 or 1-866-242-2497.
UCare Connect or UCare Connect + Medicare:
Members, their legal representatives, county level employees, care coordination delegates or other professionals involved in the member’s care may call the Connect Navigator Assistance Line at 612-676-6502 or 1-877-903-0062.

Birth Notification
Birth Notification Form  for Prepaid Medical Assistance Plan and MinnesotaCare members | updated Mar. 2014 
Critical Access Hospitals
Email to:
Rate adjustment fax line: 612-884-2382
This is a dedicated fax line to receive federal rate update letters and state cost-based per diem rate letters from Critical Access Hospitals, as well organizations designated as Federally Qualified Health Centers and Rural Health Clinics. These rate updates are not sent to payers, so you need to notify UCare and other payers after each update.
Within 30 days of receiving rate updates, UCare applies the new rates, and that day becomes the effective date.

Transportation Services

For more information about Transportation Services, please refer to the UCare Provider Manual.
Special Transportation Services - Certificate of Need   (Use this form if your member has mobility issues and needs special transportation that requires driver-assisted services.)

Interpreter Services

For more information about Interpreter Services, please refer to the UCare Provider Manual.
Interpreter Quarterly Report
(Open Excel document, then save a copy to your own computer for your use.)
Culture Care Connection (external site)
Find a UCare network interpreter agency   - (see Interpreter Services section of the Provider Manual.)
Multilingual Health Resource Exchange – To download materials from the library of translated material, use the word "ucare" for both the username and password.
UCare Provider Manual  - (See Culturally Competent Care section.)