Applying for UCare's Provider Network


Step 1


Make sure the UCare network in your
area is open.

Step 2


Download and complete the
forms as specified.

Step 3


Submit the required forms to UCare.

First, see if the network is open


Before you apply, check the status of our network to ensure we are open in your area.
To ensure accurate results, begin typing your Minnesota county and then select the appropriate county name from the auto-generated list.



If you have other questions, contact the Provider Assistance Center:

612-676-3300 or 1-888-531-1493
Hours:  8 a.m. to 5 p.m.,  Monday through Friday


Provider Assistance Center (PAC) Holiday Hours

UCare and the Provider Assistance Center (PAC)  team will be closed, Monday, 05/24/2019, for Memorial Day. We will open up at 8:00 a.m.






2017 Medical Services Authorization & Notification Grids:
2017 Behavioral Health Authorization & Notification Grids:
2017 Injectable Drugs Authorization & Notification Grids:
2017 Authorization Requirements - Injectable Drugs  – UCare for Seniors/EssentiaCare
2017 Authorization Requirements - Injectable Drugs  – UCare Choices/Fairview UCare Choices