Policies & Resources


The following resources are available to help you work with UCare members:

COVID-19 Information for Providers

The following page is intended for use by Community Education Discount Program partners. 

Community Ed Discount Program

At UCare, we work with counties to identify and respond to the health needs of our members. 

County Resources 

Following are resources for interpreters to use when working with members.

Add, Update or Remove an Interpreter 

Interpreter Mileage Request Form

Interpreter Quarterly Report 
(Open Excel document, then save a copy to your own computer for your use.)

Place of Service Codes 

For more information about Interpreter Services, please refer to the UCare Provider Manual.

Provider resources and services for Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders 

Find drug coverage for each UCare health plan and forms to request exceptions or authorizations on our Pharmacy page.

Find medical injectable drug prior authorization information for each UCare health plan and forms to request authorizations on our Pharmacy page.

The Formularies page on the UCare provider website shows which drugs are covered, as well as everything you need to request exceptions or prior authorization. 

Real-time Part D Vaccine claims using TransactRX 

UCare's Provider Manual is an extension of your contractual obligations. Checking it regularly for up-to-date information and reference material is required.

Provider Manual Page

The following page is intended for use by contracted SEATS partners.


Following are resources for transportation providers to use when working with members.

Accident Reporting Form

Driver and Vehicle Roster File

Health Ride Provider Profile Form

Special Transportation Services - Certificate of Need   (Use this form if your member has mobility issues and needs special transportation that requires driver-assisted services.)

STS Ride Notification Template

Trip Log for Common Carriers

Trip Log for Special Transportation Services (STS)

For more information about Transportation Services, please refer to the UCare Provider Manual.