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Newsletters and alerts for UCare Care Coordination.

Document Name Published Date Communication Type Meta
Alert - Feb. 5, 2018 - DHS Case Management Survey 2018-02-05 Alert
Alert - Feb. 6, 2018 - DHS Updated Assessment Screening Documents 2018-02-06 Alert
Alert - Jan. 4, 2018 - Connect Expansion Medicare Monthly Activity Log 2018-01-04 Alert
Alert - Jan. 4, 2018 - Connect Requirements Grids 2018-01-04 Alert
Alert - Jan. 4, 2018 - MSHO, MSC Plus Care Coordination Requirements Grids 2018-01-04 Alert
Alert - Jan. 10, 2018 - DHS Eligibility Update Video Conference 2018-01-10 Alert
Alert - Jan. 23, 2018 - NCI-AD DHS Project 2018-01-23 Alert
Alert - March 14, 2018 - Upcoming Training 2018-03-14 Alert
Alert - March 5, 2018 - SNBC Care Coordination Dental Survey 2018-03-05 Alert
Alert - March 9, 2018 - Universal Adult Day LLC 2018-03-09 Alert
December 2017 CLS Newsletter 2017-12-07 Newsletter
November 2017 CLS Newsletter 2017-11-09 Newsletter
February 2018 CLS Newsletter 2018-02-02 Newsletter
January 2018 CLS Newsletter 2018-01-26 Newsletter
March 2018 CLS Newsletter 2018-03-08 Newsletter
Alert - April 10, 2018 - DHS Person-Centered Thinking Training 2018-04-10 Alert
April 2018 CLS Newsletter 2018-04-05 Newsletter
Alert - April 25, 2018 - DHS Interactive Forum EW Communications 2018-04-25 Alert
May 2018 CLS Newsletter 2018-05-09 Newsletter
June 2018 CLS Newsletter 2018-06-07 Newsletter
Alert - June 6, 2018 - Adult Day Participant Experience Focus Group 2018-06-06 Alert
Alert - July, 5 2018 - DHS Health Risk Assessment Document Type H Changes in MMIS 2018-07-05 Alert MMIS changes for Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) entered as document type H.
Alert - July 23, 2018 - UCare’s new Language Line- Certified Languages International 2018-07-23 Alert Effective August 1st, 2018, UCare will be using Certified Languages International (CLI) for all telephonic interpreter services. Certified Languages International is replacing Stratus Audio.
July 2018 CLS Newsletter 2018-07-12 Newsletter Colon Cancer Screening Kit samples, UCare MedXM sample letter, Labcorp sample letter and kit photo, U7666A_MSHO_ColoKitLtr_10-17
Alert - August 1, 2018 - Updated UCare Connect Requirement Grids and Plan of Care 2018-08-01 Alert the Plan of Care has been updated and will be effective September 1st, 2018. We have also developed an instruction sheet. This new Plan of Care will be the same for all UCare Connect products and all HS codes.
Alert - August 1, 2018 - Updated MSHO/MSC+ Requirement Grids 2018-08-01 Alert UCare has updated the MSHO/MSC+ requirement grids. The 3428Q is required August 1, as DHS training occurred for this document in June.
August 2018 CLS Newsletter 2018-08-06 Newsletter 2018 UCare Care Coordination training schedule, Clinical Care Coordination Liaison Update, Medicare changes coming in 2019, Breast cancer screenings, Updated MSHO/MSC+ Requirement Grids, Updating member’s primary care clinic, DHS implements new form #3428Q, EW transportation, Updated UCare Connect Requirement Grids and Plan of Care, DHS Care Coordination Learning Day
Alert - August 10, 2018 - Moving Home Minnesota prepares to end December 31, 2019 2018-08-10 Alert The Moving Home Minnesota program is ending on Dec. 31, 2019. As a result, the process of closing the program is beginning. If you have members who could be helped by Moving Home Minnesota, it is important that referrals be submitted as soon as possible.
Alert - August 16, 2018 - DHS Updates Bulletin 18-25-05 2018-08-16 Alert DHS Updates Bulletin 18-25-05, new “activity type” (AT) is Activity Type – 10 will allow care coordinators to make changes needed to update budget and service eligibility information for EW elderly waiver membersr to be responsive to changes that may occur for a member between their regularly scheduled annual reassessments
Alert - August 20, 2018 - UCare Connect Requirement Grids 2018-08-20 Alert
Alert - August 20, 2018 - UCare MSHO & MSC+ Requirement Grids 2018-08-20 Alert
September 2018 CLS Newsletter 2018-09-04 Newsletter Care coordination training fall schedule, annual MMIS training, webinar for dual eligible member support, requirements grid updates, DHS News, MSHO/MSC+ and UCare Connect news
Alert - September 17, 2018 - New Transportation Hours 2018-09-17 Alert Transportation hours to change
October 2018 CLS Newsletter 2018-10-05 Newsletter Final Care Coordination training schedule for the year, enrollment rosters, new dental initiative, MSHO/MSC+, and DHS News.
Alert - October 18, 2018 - Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS) Change to Fiscal Services 2018-10-24 Alert current FSE if an FMS provider, but because provider numbers will change: Care Coordinators should review their members CDCS and send in a NEW Waiver Service Approval form (WSAF) to UCare once the member has chosen a new provider.
November 2018 CLS Newsletter 2018-11-07 Newsletter
December 2018 CLS Newsletter 2018-12-14 Newsletter
Alert-UCare Connect 1.1.19 Requirements Grid 2019-01-01 Alert
Alert-UCare MSHO 1.1.19 Requirements Grid 2019-01-01 Alert
January 2019 CLS Newsletter 2019-01-10 Newsletter meeting schedule, PCP change requests, survey results, updated requirements grids
February 2019 CLS Newsletter 2019-02-13 Newsletter
March 2019 CLS Newsletter 2019-03-11 Newsletter
April 2019 CLS Newsletter 2019-04-02 Newsletter Meeting schedule May, transportation hours, Deterra drug deactivation pouches, Medicaid Nutritional Supplement Benefit change, assessment reporting logs, DHS updates
May 2019 CLS Newsletter 2019-05-08 Newsletter Meeting schedule May, annual reassessment contact, MHCP drug list change, Opioid collaborative, Opioid provider tool kit, HDS webinar Dual eligible needs and substance abuse,
June 2019 CLS Newsletter 2019-06-10 Newsletter Meeting schedule JUNE, care coordinator and member satisfaction surveys, 2019 product map, MHCP drug list update, and CMS webinars.
Alert - April 10, 2019 - Health Ride Transportation Hours Update 2019-04-10 Alert May 1, 2019 updated, closed Saturday, closed Sunday, schedule a ride, 2 days ahead
Alert-DHS Memo: Discontinuation of ECS workbooks and new process for MCO Care Coordinators - June 18, 2019 2019-06-18 Alert Essential Community Supports (ECS), limited numbers of MCO members. ECS “Transition Group” Modify ECS service agreements, DHS-3070, New Process July 1, 2019.
Alert-DHS Bulletin: #19-25-01-Service rate changes for certain long-term services and supports 2019-06-26 Alert #19-25-01, DHS Bulletin, increase for home-delivered meals (S5170) for Alternative Care (AC), Elderly Waiver (EW) and Essential Community Supports (ECS), increase for Personal Care Attendant (PCA), Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS), and Consumer Support Grant (CSG), CDCS monthly case-mix budget caps increase
July 2019 CLS Newsletter 2019-07-03 Newsletter UCare Care Coordinator training schedule, MHCP food access referrals, UCare’s Mobile Dental Clinic, member rewards program, Opioid Collaborative provider toolkit, opioid education, member outreach, requirement grid updates, long-term services, DHS Bulletin 19-25-01
August 2019 CLS Newsletter 2019-08-05 Newsletter fall training schedule, Behavioral Health AVP, Jennifer Garber, Connect Grids, SNBC renewal and Specialists to help, MSHO/MSC+ Grids, changes to exception request forms, Assessment Log tracking reminder, EW residential MNChoices support plan, Brain Injury webinar
Alert-UCare’s fax is down 2019-08-20 Alert
September 2019 CLS Newsletter 2019-09-13 Newsletter fall training schedule, UCare Behavioral Health Department Update, BH case management, MSHO or MCS+, Minnesota Health Care Programs Drug List Changes, MHCP, PDL, Direct Care and Treatment Dental Clinic Decision Tree, DCT, DHS & CMS Updates, DHS-5020A, People with Disabilities, developmental disabilities (I/DD), dementia, Person-Centered Thinking (PCT)
October 2019 CLS Newsletter 2019-10-16 Newsletter Authorization to Obtain Financial Information from the Account Validation Service, AVS, Improving Dental Access & Care for Minnesotans with Special Needs Webinar, Minnesota Direct Care and Treatment, DCT dental clinics, Decision Tree, Medicaid Dental Grid, DSD eList announcement, HCBS provider toolkit, personal care assistance ,PCA
Alert - Updated MSHO/MSC+ Requirement Grids 2019-12-02 Alert MSHO/MSC + Requirements Grids
Alert - Updated Connect Requirement Grids 2019-12-02 Alert UCare Connect, UCare Connect Expansion, and UCare Connect + Medicare requirement grids.
December 2019 CLS Newsletter 2019-12-13 Newsletter Behavioral health updates, State and Public programs benefits, assessment format changes, UCare Connect + Medicare expansion, Connect/Connect + Medicare Member Satisfaction Survey Results
November 2019 CLS Newsletter 2019-11-11 Newsletter Fall training schedule, Helping member close out the year, Deterra Pounches, MSHO/MSC+ behavioral health triage line, nutrition assistance program for seniors,
ALERT - Clinical Services CDCS Rate Change Process 2019-12-11 Alert CDCS Rate Change Process, Elderly Waiver members, DHS-6633A, Waiver Service Approval form
January 2020 CLS Newsletter 2020-01-16 Newsletter Q1 training schedule, 2020 Care Coordination Meeting Schedule, Medication Toolkit, Dental Kits, Healthy Savings Update, Telephone Equipment Distribution (TED) Program Update, Updated MSHO/MSC+ Requirements Grids, New MSHO Supplemental Benefit Forms, Collaborative Care Plan, Updated UCare Connect Requirements Grids, DHS News & Updates, Elderly Waiver Residential Services Tool, Online Payment Site for Alternative Care (AC) Fees
February 2020 CLS Newsletter 2020-02-03 Newsletter Training schedule, behavioral health department reminders, triage line, pain management, opioid guide, tobacco cessation outreach, quit for life, preventing falls, SilverSneakers, 2020 medical drug prior authorizations, PA, Medicare Experience survey, Elderly Waiver services, DHS webinar, Institutional Levels of Care
Alert - COVID-19 Recommendations for Care Coordination 2020-03-10 Alert Coronavirus, COVID-19, Minnesota Senior Health Option, MSHO, Minnesota Senior Care Plus, MSC+, Special Needs Basic Care, SNBC, SNBC Dual Special Needs Plans, DSNP, Elderly Waiver, lower respiratory illness, influenza, (upper respiratory), fever or symptoms, telephone checks
March 2020 CLS Newsletter 2020-03-25 Newsletter 2020 UCare Care Coordination Meeting Schedule, Updating a member’s Primary Care Clinic, Disease Management (DM) News, Promoting food access for UCare members, Outreach, Savings on healthy food at the grocery store, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) eligibility, Pilot program: Health food box for members with chronic conditions, Health Journey Program, Healthy Recipes and Cooking Videos, Hmong and Somali, Additional/Substitute HCBS form, Request to Exceed Case Mix CAP form, Verifying PCC changes with CM Intake, DHS national Core initiative for 2020, Minnesota NCI Project website, Elderly Waiver Residential Services Tool Launch, Reminder to Care Coordinators to complete MMIS courses and assessments annually, DHS Bulletin 20-21-07: DHS Announces a Change in Service Delivery for Medial Assistance Applicants and Enrollees Temporarily Absent from Minnesota, Community Based Service Manual (CBCM) updates
April 2020 CLS Newsletter 2020-04-06 Newsletter What is UCare doing with COVID-19 Developments, Completing Member Assessments During COVID-19 Times, UCare Pharmacy COVID-19 Updates, Monitoring Drug Shortage, Keeping UCare Members Active at Home with SilverSneakers, UCare Kits Help Keep Members Healthy, Metro Mobility Now Delivers Groceries, Migraine Management Program, Behavioral Health Department Name Change, Health Connect 360, Hoarding Disorder Conference- July 22, 2020, from DHS, Account Validation Services (AVS)
June 2020 CLS Newsletter 2020-06-05 Newsletter Fall class schedule, June MSHO/MSC meeting on web ex, MHSUD email, Intensive Community Based Services, ICBS, COVID-19 updates, Care Colrdinator enrollment roster changes, members needing FFS and the DHS-6037 Transfer Form, Todd, Wadena and Morrison care coordinators, DHS Bulletin #20-25-01, WSAF, Adult Day Bath, alternative adult day, DHS FAQ, COVID-19 resources, Person-Centered Thinking Exploration
May 2020 CLS Newsletter 2020-05-01 Newsletter 2020 UCare Care Coordination Meeting Schedule, A Message from Julia Joseph-Di Caprio, MD, MPH UCare Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer on COVID-19 cost sharing, early refills, elective surgical coverage, UCare FAQs for providers, UCare FAQs for members, Market Withdrawal Alert-Ranitidine (Zantac) Products, impurities, 2020 Model of Care Training Recorded WebEx is available, Updating the Care Coordinator in MMIS, Waiver Obligations and Spenddowns, Plan coverage in Todd, Wadena and Morrison counties will start on June 1, 2020, DHS News, MMIS, data entry delays, U Codes, DHS COVID-19 Guidance for EW Customized Living, DHS COVID-19 FAQ
July 2020 CLS Newsletter 2020-07-02 Newsletter new UCare Member ID Cards, COVID-19 developments, Care Coordinator Roster changes, Transition of Care reminder, Pharmacy updates, early refills, 90-day prescription fills, delivery options, extending PA, drug shortages, FDA recalls some Metformin ER Tablets, Amneal and Apotex, Actavis (Teva) and Marksans Pharma Limited (Time Cap Labs), Health Promotion and Fitness, Silver Sneakers, UCare MSHO, UCare Connect, and UCare Connect + Medicare, updated UCare Connect and MSHCO/MSC+ Requirements Grids and DHS Updates, DHS Bulletin # 20-25-03, DHS-6633A, Bulletin #20-56-06, DHS Releases EW Service tool version 12.1.1., Bulletin #20-56-02, MMIS manuals, Person-Centered Thinking Exploration
Alert - Updated Connect Requirements Grid 2020-07-02 Alert
Alert - Updated MSHO-MSC+ Requirements Grid 2020-07-02 Alert
August 2020 CLS Newsletter 2020-08-07 Newsletter UCare care coordination forms, Clinical Care Coordination Liaisons, Minnesota Psychiatric Society, the Minnesota Psychological Association, the Minnesota Black Psychologists, Mental Health Minnesota, food benefit, SNAP, NAPS/CSFP, Housing transition, Housing sustaining, member disability or disability condition, MnCHOICES Mentors, DHS Aging EW Residential Services, Person-Centered Thinking Exploration, COVID-19 Resources
September 2020 CLS Newsletter 2020-09-04 Newsletter Q4 training schedule, new UCare products, iSNP, 2020 Formulary Status for Influenza Treatments, Oseltamivir, Tamiflu, Relenza, Xofluza, Falls Prevention Awareness Month, COVID-19 updates from UCare and DHS News & Updates includiong Caffeinated Q&A with the Housing Stabilization Services Team sessions, pathways to autism services and supports, adult day services and Person-Centered Thinking Exploration.
Alert- Updated PCC Change Request Process 2020-09-21 Alert With the implementation of two Care Coordination Enrollment Rosters, UCare decided to change the date the“Primary Care Clinic Change form” is due from the 15th of the month to the 12th of the month for new membersthat should be assigned to a different Care Coordination Delegate the 1st of the current month. PCC



Q3 2020 Update to UCare's Provider Manual

UCare’s 2020 Provider Manual contains critical information that providers need to know to effectively work with UCare and our members. It is important that providers reference the online manual regularly for up-to-date content. The Provider Manual has been updated to reflect current business practices. 

Go to the  2020 Provider Manual    



UCare Implements New Transportation Management Software

UCare has rolled out a new transportation system to schedule rides for our members. The new service will continue to be called UCare HealthRide.


Read the June 22 Provider Bulletin.




Q4 2020 Update to UCare's Provider Manual

UCare’s 2020 Provider Manual contains critical information that providers need to know to effectively work with UCare and our members. It is important that providers reference the online manual regularly for up-to-date content. The Provider Manual has been updated to reflect current business practices. UCare has prepared a Provider Bulletin outlining the key updates.

Go to the  2020 Provider Manual