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Our UCare teams have been helping people from Andover to Zumbrota, Northfield to Cloquet with their questions about Medicare, Medicaid as well as Individual & Family Plans. Along the way they found out a whole lot about what members want… and about great teamwork.

Kyle McIver, Customer service team

Kyle McIver
Customer service team

 The people here make all the difference. We genuinely care about each other and we care about our members.

Abdi Warsame, Sales and Retention Team

Abdi Warsame
Sales and Retention Team

 It makes me happy seeing all members getting helped… for instance I speak Somali, which makes it much easier for my community to understand what we can do for them.

Akos Varga, Product Manager

Akos Varga
Product Manager

 With member feedback, we turned our 100 page member contract into a 2 page quick reference guide, so members can more simply make informed decisions.

Alicia Jackson, Healthcare Analyst

Alicia Jackson
Health Care Analyst

 What people powered means to me is that we use every person at our company to provide better health care outcomes. We honestly never stop trying to make it better.

Amy Nordling, Enrollment Specialist - Exchange

Amy Nordling
Enrollment Specialist - Exchange

 I’m often the first point of contact you have with UCare - whether you come in through MNsure or DHS. So I’ve got to get it right the first time.

Carla Foster, Sales for Individual and Family plans

Carla Foster
Sales for Individual and Family plans

 I’ve been working at UCare 22 years. We put the members' needs first, regardless of whether they ultimately get health coverage through us or another resource.

Sam Fallen, Human Resources Generalist

Sam Fallen
Human Resources Generalist

 We kind of have the culture of, ‘What do you need? How can I help you?’ You never have to worry that you’re bugging someone.

Jim Zusan, Senior Accountant

Jim Zusan
Senior Accountant

 As an accountant for the last 18 years at UCare, I’m here to make sure we stay financially sound for our members for the next 18 years.

Pang Cha, Community Relations Specialist

Pang Cha
Community Relations Specialist

 When it comes to Hmong, Somali and African American communities, UCare is known for going way above and beyond to meet their health care needs.

Rick Deem, Business Analyst

Rick Deem
Business Analyst

 I see myself helping people. I get to know their needs and help our customer service reps get the right software tools so it’s a really quick answer when you call them.

Jennifer Pena, Member Services Learning & Development Specialist

Jennifer Pena
Member Services Learning & Development Specialist

 I helped a member with a huge bill from an out of network provider. We got the provider to charge him at in-network rates, saving him over $60,000.

Joshua Paciorek, Customer Service Specialist

Joshua Paciorek
Customer Service Specialist

 We do our best to simplify plans for our members by equipping them with what they need to know, and not overwhelming them with gobbledegook.

Mark Traynor, President and CEO

Mark Traynor
President and CEO

For over 20 years I've been privileged to work with a team that puts our members at the center of everything. Our strong culture of service exists to make a difference in our members' health.

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Medicare plans

UCare offers a range of high value Medicare plans designed to meet your needs. More than 100,000 members have selected UCare for their Medicare coverage.

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Individual & Family Plans

UCare offers flexible plans that help you live well and stay well. A mix of plan options with varying levels of premium, cost sharing and networks make it easy to get the care you need.

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Medicaid plans

UCare’s Minnesota Health Care Programs plans offer several Medical Assistance, MinnesotaCare and combined Medical Assistance & Medicare coverage options.