Enroll in UCare Connect + Medicare (HMO D-SNP)

You have three options for enrollment:

Online Enrollment Form

  • You'll need your Medical Assistance identification (ID) number, Medicare number and an email address to get a validation code.
  • If you need more time, you can save your progress and finish the application later. Access your in-progress application through a link in the original validation email.

online enrollment

Mail-in Form

Download and print the enrollment form (PDF). Fill it out and mail it to:
      Attn: UCare Connect + Medicare
      PO Box 52
      Minneapolis, MN 55440

Or fax it to 612-884-2122.

Download enrollment form

Call for Assistance

Call a licensed UCare agent for assistance.

612-676-3554 or 1-800-707-1711,
(TTY: 1-800-688-2534)
8 am - 5 pm, Monday - Friday.

Information about changing plans

When can you end your membership in our plan?
You may end your membership in our plan only during certain times of the year. These are the:

  • Annual Enrollment Period
  • Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period

You may also be able to leave the plan during other times of the year if you meet certain requirements.

You may be able to end your membership because you have Medicare and Medicaid.
Most people with Medicare can end their membership only during certain times of the year. Because you have Medicaid, you may be able to end your membership in our plan or switch to a different plan one time during one of three Special Enrollment Periods. They occur:

  • January to March
  • April to June
  • July to September

If you joined our plan during one of these three periods, you’ll have to wait for the next period to either end your membership or switch to a different plan. You can’t use this Special Enrollment Period to end your membership in our plan between October and December. However, anyone with Medicare can make changes from <October 15 – December 7> during the Annual Enrollment Period.


You must read this information before you enroll in UCare Connect + Medicare:

This information is available in alternate formats or languages. Please call 1-800-707-1711 (TTY: 1-800-688-2534) to request this information in other formats or languages.

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