Help your financial planning clients save for health care costs in retirement

How much will your clients need to cover health care costs in retirement? The answer will depend on many different factors, including their health needs, the cost of care, plan premiums and the number of years spend in retirement.

According to a recent study, a 65-year-old couple retiring in 2019 can expect to spend $285,000 or more on health care costs during their retirement years. That cost doesn’t include help from Medicare or long-term care expenses.  

The earlier your clients begin planning and saving for health care costs down the road, the more prepared they’ll be to reach their retirement goals. This tool kit can help you start the conversation with your clients, whether retirement is years away or just around the corner.  

Resources to inform the insurance conversations with your clients

Financial Planner Video

Focuses on how to prepare for health care costs in retirement.

HSA Video

Focuses on HSAs and compatible health plans.

Recorded Webinar

Training to help you lead client conversations about health plan options during a time of economic hardships and loss of employer-sponsored coverage due to the pandemic.

Graphic illustration

Use this illustration to help clients understand how much they may need to cover health care costs during their retirement years, how much they can expect from Medicare, and costs they’ll need to pay out of their own pockets.

Download Illustration

Health care coverage checklist

Use this checklist in your conversations with clients to outline different ways to prepare for health care costs down the road and record their next steps.

Download Checklist

Early retirement brochure

Designed for clients who want to retire early, this brochure explains how to bridge the gap to Medicare with the right health plan.

Download Brochure

Blog post/newsletter article

Tailor this brief article to use as a blog post or in your practice newsletter and encourage clients to factor health care costs into their early retirement planning strategy.

Download Article Template

Individual and Family Plans Simplifier Guide

You have lots of health coverage options. But all those options can make it harder to find the plan that’s best for you and your family. UCare can help. We created this simple guide for those who purchase health coverage on their own and who do not qualify for Medicare or Medicaid.

Download Simplifier Guide

Medicare De-complicator Guide

You have lots of options when it comes to Medicare. But all those choices can make it harder to find the coverage that’s right for you. This guide can help make it easier.

Download De-complicator Guide

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