UCare Dental Connection

For members of Families and Children (PMAP), MinnesotaCare, UCare Connect + Medicare, UCare Connect, MSC+, and UCare's MSHO.

UCare’s Dental Connection helps our members manage their dental care with one simple phone call. A one-stop-shop, the UCare Dental Connection can help you:

  • Find a dental provider or dental home.
  • Schedule dental appointments, including appointments for follow-up and specialty care.
  • Coordinate transportation to dental appointments.
  • Coordinate interpreter services for dental appointments.
  • Answer dental benefit and claims questions.

Once you have a dental home, you'll get regular dental care to catch small problems before they become big ones. Your dentist can usually offer you after-hours help for emergency problems as well. This allows you to avoid long waits in the emergency room (ER) if you have an oral health issue in the evening or on a weekend.

UCare Dental Connection

651-768-1415 or 1-855-648-1415 toll free

TTY: 711 7 am – 7 pm,
Monday – Friday

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October 2017