County Partners

At UCare, we work with counties to identify and respond to the health needs of our members. Learn more about UCare and how we can work together to better serve our community.

County Resources

Product Map (PDF)

Health Promotion Resources (PDF)

VIP Phone List (PDF) - Important phone numbers for county reference.

Interpreter List (PDF) - A list of our contracted interpreter services agencies (members and county staff need to contact interpreter agencies directly to arrange appointments).

Billing (PDF) - Billing information for county services.

Health and Wellness

County Communications

Important updates and newsletters.

Annie Halland

Upcoming County Visits

​Each month, UCare meets with representatives from various counties to go over UCare updates and to discuss county concerns, questions and opportunities to serve the community.

This month’s meetings include:
Feb. 15 – Le Sueur County
Feb. 20 – Hennepin County Human Services

To schedule a meeting in your county, contact Annie Halland, UCare County Manager, 612-676-3317 or

Health Plans
Important health plan resources.

Dental Services
Dental benefits and programs.

Health and Wellness
Incentive coupons and disease management.

Behavioral Health
Mental and chemical dependency services.

Care Coordination
Resources, tools, and forms for care coordination.

Provider Manual