Broker Portal Frequently Asked Questions

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Getting started on the Broker Portal
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Although technology developers do their best to ensure products work on all major browsers, sometimes they perform better on some than on others. If you are having problems with the tool using one browser, please try another one. We recommend using Google or Firefox.

Go to Use the sign-on information that you have (or will) receive from UCare Admin <>.

See the image of the home screen (dashboard) below for what and where you can access the Broker Portal.

The Broker Dashboard allows access to many features.

Enrolling in a Medicare plan
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1. First create a contact or select an existing contact you previously created.

Create a contact

2. Then click on “Create Application” to be walked through the enrollment process.

Create an application

Yes. Press “Save and Exit” at any step in the enrollment application process.” Then you can come back and continue where you left off.

You can get to it either from the Applications section on the dashboard or from the prospective member’s Contact Details from the Contacts section of the dashboard.

Click on the Application ID. You’ll know that an application has not yet been submitted because the status will show as “In Progress.”

Find an application ID

It is strongly recommended, but not required. The on-line enrollment tool will display all primary care clinics for all specialties available based on the enrollee information submitted. Consider “filtering” by the specialty (such as Family Medicine) or by distance from home (such as within 20 miles) to help select the best clinic for the enrollee. If you don’t choose a primary care clinic, one will be chosen for the enrollee by UCare.

After submitting an application
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You can view the status in the Applications section of the dashboard. After submitting the application, the status will change from “In Progress” to “Pending”.

Status Means

Not Yet Submitted

The application was started but not yet submitted. (Status may show as “In Progress”)


The application was submitted. This status will display for up to two hours, then change to “Pending”.


The application has been submitted and is being processed.


The application is being processed but it is incomplete and requires additional information. A reason is provided.


The application was rejected either because one or more required documents were not received or CMS rejected the application due to other reasons.


The application was cancelled by request.


The application was denied due to non-receipt of required information.


The application has been approved by CMS.

A reason will display next to the status “Incomplete” in the Applications section of the portal. In most cases, the reason given is self-explanatory. Here are two reasons that may require some explanation.

Status Means
Incomplete – HICN not found

CMS was unable to confirm the client qualified for Medicare based upon the Health Insurance Claims Number (HICN) submitted on the application. This can happen for a number of reasons.

  1. The wrong “Medicare Number” was entered. Double check that you entered the correct number.
  2. Medicare does not yet have the information from the Social Security Administration (SSA.)
  3. It’s possible that the client truly doesn’t quality for Medicare at this time.

The application was incomplete due to the client’s End Stages Renal Disease (ESRD.) This can happen for a number of reasons.

  1. The member indicated “Yes” on the application to having ESRD but didn’t submit a note from his/her doctor stating that he/she has had a successful kidney transplant and/or doesn’t need regular dialysis.
  2. The member indicated “Yes” on the application and he/she was not a member with a UCare plan previously and there will be no gap in coverage.
  3. The member indicated “No” on the application but his/her Medicare eligibility information with CMS indicates that he/she has the disease.


No action is required on your part. Within 7 days of receiving the application, UCare’s enrollment team will reach out via telephone or mail to inform the prospect of any additional information or documentation that is needed to compete the application. Please advise the client to following the instructions given and respond by any deadlines received.

Yes, if your broker identification number was indicated on the application. You will be able to see status but you will not be able to view the application itself.

As long as the application status is “Pending” or “Enrolled” status and within 30 days from the effective date of coverage you can add the dental option. Just go back into the application and click “Add Dental.”

Adding dental to an application

Other Broker Portal capabilities
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1. First find the form by going to “Tools & Resources” or otherwise make sure you have an electronic copy of the document you want to upload. If using a form from the portal, download or print the form.

Tools & Resources

2. Fill in the form and save the completed form on your computer, or scan and save the form on your computer.

Download the form

3. Go to “Home” and to “View Profile”.

View a profile

4. Upload the document from the appropriate section.

Upload a document

You are able to export lists of policies, applications, or contacts.

After pressing “Show All” from the dashboard, click the arrow on the upper right of the screen.

Exporting data

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